03 September 2008 New Generation of Multi-photon Imaging Systems

Pablo Loza and Rafaël Porcar (Copyright Ricard Novellas)

Imagine Optic and ICFO join forces to build an ultra-sharp multi-photon imaging system. The french company Imagine Optic has teamed up with ICFO to develop an ultra-sharp multi-photon imaging system prototype in a project supported with a Marie Curie Industry-Academia Grant. Imagine Optics is a world\'s leading provider of Shack-Hartmann wave-front sensing technology. ICFO and Imagine Optic will combine their expertise in light engineering both in the space and time domains to push the current technological limits of imaging devices. \"The development of high resolution, non-damaging imaging techniques is crucial for understanding the biological processes occurring at the cellular level,\" says ICFO group leader and project coordinator Pablo Loza-Alvarez. \"The combined expertise of both partners will allow for a novel, compact and powerful tool within nonlinear microscopy which we expect will open up a new range of applications and commercial opportunities,\" adds Imagine Optic Business Manager Rafaël Porcar.