17 September 2008 BASF and ICFO Team Up

Mr. Eduardo Carvalho Brandão and Prof. Lluís Torner

BASF Construction Chemicals and ICFO sign a cooperation agreement to promote top-level research in photonics for the construction industry. Mr. Eduardo Carvalho Brandão, BASF CC Head of the Admixture Systems Business Line, and Prof. Lluís Torner, ICFO Director, signed a cooperation agreement at ICFO to promote research of excellence in optical sciences applied to the construction industry.

BASF Construction Chemicals is a leading company in the market of additives for construction. The object of the agreement with ICFO is to create a common knowledge and technology transfer space and to foster synergies between the company and researchers by promoting the development of optics and photonics applications in the construction industry.

Photonic devices will allow exploring the chemical and physical processes that take place in the different states of concrete, and analyzing with unprecedented accuracy the role of additives in its performance. BASF and ICFO are already working on the design of the first sensor prototype.

During the event, Mr. Eduardo Carvalho Brandão stated, “The alliance with Construction Chemicals can be the first step to wider cooperation with other BASF Group business lines and companies.” Dr. Lluís Torner said, “We are very much looking forward to teaming up with BASF.”

By means of this agreement, BASF CC becomes a member of ICFO’s Corporate Liaison Program.