08 November 2008 ICFO Incubator Welcomes COSINGO Start-up

ICFO KTT director, Dr. Silvia Carrasco and COSINGO Business Manager, Mr. Rafael Porcar

COSINGO establishes itself at ICFO incubation space. COSINGO, the commercial brand name for the start-up of Imagine Optic Spain S.L., to establish itself at ICFO’s incubation space.

The French company Imagine Optic, with offices in Orsay, France and Boston, USA, now opens a new branch office in Barcelona.

Imagine Optic is a leading supplier worldwide of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing hardware and software, adaptive optics technologies and professional services in applied optics.

Imagine Optic is already teaming up with ICFO to develop an ultra-sharp multi-photon imaging system prototype in a project backed by a Marie Curie Industry-Academia Grant being conducted by the group lead by Prof. Pablo Loza-Alvarez.

The Spanish start-up, under the name of COSINGO, will set up house at the ICFO incubator located at the Mediterranean Technology Park.

“To be close to ICFO represents a great opportunity for us to exchange views and team up with a fantastic pool of high level researchers from all over the world. At the same time, we are proud to participate in the efforts of concentrating optics and photonics forces in an emergent cluster in Catalonia. We would like to thank everyone at ICFO who made this exciting incubation project possible.” says COSINGO Business Manager Rafael Porcar.