06 March 2009 Head Up Display Technology

AD Telecom and ICFO join the automotive consortium MARTA to push the limits of head up display technology. AD Telecom S.L. and ICFO join forces to develop advanced laser projection technology.

The AD Telecom/ICFO team has become part of the ambitious MARTA Consortium Project. The MARTA (Mobility in Advanced Transport Networks) Project is coordinated by Ficosa International S.A. and aims at allowing the Spanish Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to face the challenges of security, efficiency, sustainability, etc, posed by European society, at large, and Spanish society, in particular.

ICFO and AD Telecom will contribute to the consortium by developing advanced laser projection display technology, which will be tested by the industry giant SEAT, also part of the consortium.

AD TELECOM S.L. started its activities in 1992. The company, based in Barcelona, offers processing solutions, hardware and software design, manufacturing, integration and commercialization of equipment in: Digital Design FPGAs, RF and Microwave components, Space Communications systems, and Optical Communications equipment. “The MARTA Project allows applying state of the art techniques in image displaying to the automobile industry. It will contribute to traffic safety by improving the driver’s quick and easy understanding of the surrounding environment,” says Antonio Alcayde, AD Telecom CEO. The ICFO Optoelectronics research group led by Valerio Pruneri will contribute its expertise in the area of optical engineering, optical design of complex systems and thin film technology. “This is a very good opportunity for us to make use of the group’s know-how and to transfer newly developed concepts into a commercial product with a large potential impact on our daily life,” says Valerio Pruneri. “I expect to learn a lot by working on this challenging project. I am, particularly eager to apply my engineering background to the solution of technical challenges,” adds Roser Juanola, ICFO research engineer involved in the project.

The MARTA Project is funded by a CENIT grant from the Spanish Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).