17 March 2009 ICFO in Optics Highlights

Optical force map near a plasmonic gold pad

Klaus Sengstock

A review article by Prof. Romain Quidant’s group and a paper by Prof. Valerio Pruneri’s group are among the best papers published in the Journal of Optics in 2008. The review article “Light-induced manipulation with surface plasmons” by Prof. Romain Quidant’s group and the paper “Waveguide electro-optic modulation in micro-engineered LiNbO3” by Prof. Valerio Pruneri’s group have been chosen to appear in the 2008 Journal of Optics annual highlights collection. Each year, a selection of the most read papers and those most highly rated by the referees are chosen to showcase the best publications of the Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics. All of the highlights may be read online for free until December 31, 2009. The first of the selected ICFO papers was authored by Mr. Maurizio Righini and Prof. Romain Quidant at ICFO, and Prof. C. Girard at CNRS (France); the second by Dr. D. Janner, Mr. D. Tulli, and Prof. V. Pruneri at ICFO, and Dr. M. Belmonte at Avanex Corporation (Italy).