31 August 2009 EU-Mexico Collaboration

A view of UNAM

ICFO is one of the partners of a new collaboration agreement between three Mexican research institutions, three European research centers and two telecom companies. ICFO, the University of Oxford and the Greek research center Hellas have teamed up with three Mexican research institutions (UNAM, Universidad de Guanajuato and CICESE) and two telecom companies (Iusacell PCS and Servicios Condumex). The aim of the project is to develop new quantum mechanics applications in the area of information technology. The coordinator of the project is Prof. Alfred U’Ren from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), a leading institution in Latin America according to international rankings. This is one of the 21 projects funded by the Mexican funding agency Foncycit to promote cooperation between Mexican research institutions and European partners. The person responsible for ICFO’s participation is Prof. Juan P. Torres, and the duration of the project is two years.