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The ICFO Launchpad gives innovative ideas a space to develop into new technology spin-offs. 10 deep tech companies to date have been spun-off with the goal of bringing the value of research “made at ICFO” directly to society, with several new ventures in incubation.


At the core of a frontier research institute are individuals with the drive to do or discover something that no one has ever done before. ICFO is proactive in fostering entrepreneurial activities and spin-off creation, encouraging ICFOnians to take their new ideas and discoveries “made @ ICFO” out of the lab and into society.

The center offers its researchers the KTT Launchpad, a space and support structure which allows innovative ideas to develop into new technology spin-offs. In addition, ICFO participates in incubator activities and seeks to attract venture capital investment.

To date, ICFO has helped create nine start-up companies, with additional initiatives in various stages of incubation.

The Launchpad Business Advisory Board is composed of highly-reputed professionals with outstanding expertise in the critical aspects of the entrepreneurial process, who collaborate with the KTT team to advise on ICFO’s valorisation and licensing strategy, including the creating of start-ups as they move towards market entry.

E. Canetti Ms. Elena Canetti Co Managing Partner, Inveniam Group
C. Puente Dr. Carles Puente Co-founder and Vice President Innovation, Fractus Antennas Patent Management Professor, Barcelona-Tech
J. Sanfeliu Mr. Josep Ll. Sanfeliu Managing Partner, Asabys Partners