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ICFO Corporate Liaison Program is:

A program to build mutual knowledge and trust
An invitation to team-up
Your photonics anchor in Barcelona

The Corporate Liaison Program (CLP) helps to strengthen relationships between industry and science, forming a bridge to all types of businesses, and creating trusting and long lasting relationships which enable the achievement of common goals.

Through this program, the KTT office proactively establishes partnerships with industrial corporations and fosters spin-off creation. One of our main goals is to act as a leading ally in the optics and photonics industry by being a resource for science, technology and talent. The ultimate objective is to create a trusting, symbiotic relationship where the organization and ICFO work together towards new knowledge, superior results, and shared benefits.

We enthusiastically invite industries and businesses of all sizes which develop and use photonics or who would like to explore this possibility for the future, to contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration.


We invite industries and corporations of all sizes to establish a long-lasting relationship with ICFO by joining our Corporate Liaison Program. ICFO CLP members include the following:

Industrial & Technological Partners
Venture Capital & Investors
Patronage & Sponsors

Each corporate membership is individually tailored to the company’s needs as well as to the potential benefits that can be gleaned by sharing research focuses with ICFO. Varying levels of involvement and commitment are defined to cater to each unique relationship, be it for Small Companies and Start-ups, Regular Membership, Large Corporations, or Life Members.

To discuss membership possibilities, please contact:

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Team
ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Tel.: (+34) 93 553 4111
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CLP Day picture

The Corporate Liaison Program (CLP) Day is an annual meeting where ICFOnians, representatives of international platforms, multinational corporations, local business representatives and researchers of other institutions have the opportunity to interact with worldwide experts in a particular sector to review the latest advances in photonic technologies while focusing on the generation of joint research projects. The theme of each edition of the CLP Day changes in order to highlight topics of interest and relevance to ICFO’s corporate partners and collaborators.