20 February 2006 The Institute welcomes new members

(left-right) Tim Taminiau, Nicolas Piro, Goutam Kumar and Stefano Zippilli

(left-right) Gregory Kozyreff, Michal Micuda, Jonas Larson and Liis Rebane

Reyes Serra

Four PhD students, two visiting scientists, one visiting PhD student, one undergraduate student, and one admin assistant have joined the Institute Four PhD students, Tim Taminiau, Nicolas Piro, Goutam Kumar and Stefano Zippilli, two visiting scientists, Gregory Kozyreff, and Jonas Larson, one visiting PhD student Michal Micuda, an undergraduate student, Liis Rebane and one admin assistant, Reyes Serra have joined the ICFO.

Tim Taminiau has joined the Molecular Nanophotonics group, headed by Niek van Hulst, as a PhD student. Initially, work will be done on continuing a project that looks into the local field enhancement near nano-antennas that are placed on probes for Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy.

Nicolas Piro has joined Prof. Jürgen Eschner\'s group as a PhD student. He will work on the experiment on coupling single ions with single photons, which is part of the European project SCALA.

Goutam Samanta has joined Prof. Majid Ebrahim\'s group as a PhD student. He will work on the project on continuous-wave OPOs and: nonlinear frequency conversion from the visible to the mid-IR.

Stefano Zippilli has joined Prof. Jürgen Eschner\'s group as a PhD student. He will work in a collaboration with the group of Giovanna Morigi at the UAB on theoretical questions related to the European project SCALA.

Gregory Kozyreff has joined Prof. Petrov\'s and Prof. Martorell\'s group as a visiting scientist. Kozyreff\'s research at ICFO is focused on the theoretical analysis of nonlinear optical effects in microspheres trapped by optical tweezers.

Michal Micuda has joined Prof. Juan P. Torres\' group as a visiting PhD student. Micuda will participate in the project about new ways to tailor the frequency entanglement of paired photons.

Jonas Larson has joined the group of Prof. Maciej Lewenstein as a visiting scientist. Larson\'s research in ICFO will mainly conern cold atoms in optical lattices and highly correlated systems.

Liis Rebane has joined Prof. Juan P. Torres group as an undergraduate student. Rebane will continue the research that she began in her previous stay at ICFO, looking for new ways to manipulate, as well to characterize the spatial shape of light. This work will be the core subject of her diploma thesis.

Reyes Serra has joined ICFO in the Administration Area. Her work is connected to the Engineering and Utilities Unit.