15 February 2006 The coordinator of ANEP Material Sciences Committee visits ICFO

Prof. Odriozola and Prof. Badenes

Professor Odriozola visits the nanophotonics research groups of the Institute Prof. José A. Odriozola, current coordinator of the Material Sciences Committee of the National Agency for Evaluation of Research (ANEP), visited ICFO nanophotonics laboratories on February 15th to learn about the activities conducted in the corresponding groups.

Prof Odriozola, Ph. D. Chemistry, is a full professor in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Seville, Spain. He focuses his research interests on the surface chemistry of materials. A series of research topics are devoted to the characterisation of surface species during catalytic reactions in particular oxides and oxynitrides supported noble metals. Recent works deal with the surface chemistry of stainless steel at high temperatures. The combination of both stainless steel and catalytic interests has resulted in the recent interest in the development of ceramic foams using steel mills residues and the formulation of structured metallic catalysts.