31 July 2006 The Institute welcomes new members

Javier Encomienda

(left to right) Krzysztof Sacha, Jose Manuel Caballero and Adolfo Esteban

Admin support, two visiting researchers and one postdoctoral researcher join the Institute One accountant, Javier Encomienda, two visiting researchers, Krzysztof Sacha and Jose Manuel Caballero and one postdoctoral researcher, Adolfo Esteban, have joined have joined ICFO.

Javier Encomienda joins the Institute in the Accounting Unit in the administration area. He will contribute his experience to the success of the unit.

Krzysztof Sacha joins the quantum optics theory group led by Prof. Maciej Lewenstein. He will be working on ultracold disordered quantum gases, during his two months stay at ICFO.

Jose Manuel Caballero joins Prof. Morgan Mitchell’s group. He is assisting with the experiments on quantum light sources, including developing FPGA-based control systems and frequency references based on atomic spectroscopy.

Adolfo Esteban joins Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh’s group. He works on the development of cutting-edge ultrafast frequency conversion systems from the ultraviolet to mid-infrared using innovative approaches and novel nonlinear materials.

Link to Prof. Maciej Lewenstein\'s group
Link to Prof. Morgan Mitchell\'s group
Link to Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh\'s group