02 October 2006 ICFO appoints a KTT Director

Our new KTT director, Dr. Silvia Carrasco

Dr. Silvia Carrasco will launch our Knowledge and Technology Transfer program Coming from Harvard University, Boston (USA) Dr. Silvia Carrasco has recently joined the Institute as knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) director. She will launch and manage ICFO’s KTT program, a key instrument to accomplish ICFO’s mission.

In the frontier between research institutions and society as a whole, knowledge and technology transfer activities play a key role in strengthening local economic growth and development.

As KTT director, Dr. Silvia Carrasco will be the link between the Institute and the outside world, establishing strategic alliances with industrial partners, universities and other research centres and institutions around the world.

The KTT program will be focused in promoting innovation at all levels and in increasing the overall opportunities for ICFO´s PhD students.