25 January 2019 Construction Begins on ICFO West

Mir-Puig Foundation current President Mr Jordi Segarra at the new building site with architects and project leaders as well as ICFO’s Director and leaders of the Research and Management teams.

Building to house enhanced Clean Room Facility and additional lab and workspace In 2012 when ICFO inaugurated the CELLEX- NEST building, donated by the Cellex Foundation, the goal was to give ICFO an important boost. The new space that the building offered, including formal and informal meeting areas, laboratories, and work areas, gave ICFO an exceptional opportunity to host new groups led by brilliant researchers. Over the past six years, the expectations have materialized as ICFOnians have accomplished many salient scientific and technological results and also secured several strategic sponsored projects.

In fact, it soon became apparent that more space would be needed to meet new research needs and the institute’s potential. The late Dr Pere Mir, founder and former president of the Cellex and Mir-Puig private foundations, once again proved to be visionary when he agreed to make possible a new expansion that will include an enhanced Clean Room Facility and additional lab and workspace.

This month construction will begin on a new building, donated by the Mir-Puig Foundation, located just next to ICFO’s current facilities. Construction is estimated to be complete in summer 2020.