15 April 2019 City of Castelldefels Awards

Photo credit: Ajuntament de Castelldefels | RJosa

Silvia Carrasco and the entire KTT team

KTT Director Silvia Carrasco wins City of Castelldefels award for innovation and promotion of the economy of the city On Friday, April 12, the City of Castelldefels celebrated the thirteenth edition of the City of Castelldefels Awards, recognizing the people or entities that have contributed to disseminate the “values of liberty, equality, solidarity, progress and civic commitment or that personify exemplary trajectories in these areas.”

The citizens of Castelldefels cast their votes for nominees in four separate categories, and the result of this vote was taken into account by the jury that delivered the final verdict.

In ceremony that took place on Friday, 12 April in the Teatre Plaza Castelldefels, the director of Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) at ICFO, Dr. Silvia Carrasco, was awarded the City of Castelldefels Award for Economy and Innovation. This prize, “awarded to individuals or legal entities that have put forth an economic or innovative activity through a business or progress initiative that has contributed to the development and prosperity of the city”, specifically cites her extraordinary work in promoting activities or great economic and social importance for the city of Castelldefels.

Congratulations Silvia and the entire KTT team!