14 May 2020 Light Based technologies for Life Sciences

ICFO’s Light 4 Health program highlighted in Secpho’s latest publication SECPhO is a business oriented cluster initiative for the optics and photonics sector, bringing together Large Enterprises, SMEs, and research centers in the region. In their annual publication, light!, SEPhO ha published an article by Dr. Silvia Carrasco, Director of the KTT Team at ICFO and Dr. Martina Giovannella, KTT Project Manager, that highlights the innovative ways in which ICFO researchers are making advances in life sciences.

Research activities in the Light for Health program at ICFO are broad and well established. Advances in Advanced imaging techniques, Nanoscopy and Super-resolution technologies are helping to visualize and understand biological processes. Light-based tools facilitate delicate and precise manipulation of biological material. New photonic tools are improving low-cost point-of-care diagnosis and monitoring of patients, providing new effective therapies and offering non-invasive alternatives for monitoring diseases and patients’ treatment.

In collaboration with a network of clinical collaborators, ICFO’s photonic technologies are being tested and validated in clinical settings with promising results, opening the door for new and exciting advances in life sciences.