28 May 2007 The Institute welcomes new members

Dr. Jan Ranger, Dr. Alessandro Cerè and Florian Wolfrgramm

Srdjan Acimovic, Dorian Birraux, Quentin Glorieaux and Audrey Basurto

Two Postdoctoral researches, two PhD students and three undergraduate students join the Institute Two Postdoctoral researchers, Jan Renger Jan Renger and Alessandro Cerè; two PhD-students, Florian Wolfrgramm and Srdjan Acimovic and three undergraduate students, Audrey Basurto, Quentin Glorieux and Dorian Birraux have joined ICFO.

Jan Renger joins Romain Quidant’s group. He will work on novel approaches for light routing at the subwavelength scale.

Alessandro Cerè joins Morgan Mitchell’s group. His research will focus on the generation of narrow-band single photon states and light-atom interactions.

Florian Wolfrgramm joins Morgan Mitchell’s group. He will work on tunable single-photon sources and high-coherence quantum optics.

Srdjan Acimovic joins Gonçal Badenes’s group. His work will be devoted to the development of fiber-based and localized-surface-plasmon-based evanescent-wave sensors.

Dorian Birraux joins Antonio Acin’s group. He will be working on the relations between entanglement and computational speed-up in quantum computation with mixed states and in the one-way model of quantum computation.

Quentin Glorieux joins Jürgen Eschner’s group. He will join the project which aims at cavity QED with trapped Ytterbium atoms, and he will be working together with Matteo Cristiani and Tristán Valenzuela.

Audrey Basurto joins Niek van Hulst’s group. She will work on the tracking of light propagation through nanofabricated plasmonic V-grooves, in collaboration with the ICFO plasmo-nano-optics group and CNM-UAB . To address the flow and confinement of light in such structures she will probe locally the optical field and its phase development with our heterodyning near field microscope.