25 Febrer 2016 ICFO shines at the Mobile World Congress

European Commissioner Günther Oettinger with ICFO Prof Frank Koppens

Graphene Pavilion presents exciting innovations to a VIP audience With a continuous stream of visitors and press, the Graphene Pavilion at the 2016 Mobile World Congress has truly been an exciting and amazing place to be this week.

The Graphene Pavilion showcases the main areas within the mobile ecosystem in which graphene can make a difference to the wider world. As a newcomer to the MWC, the Pavilion has attracted interest for a wide range of reasons. Some visitors already familiar with graphene came to learn more about its production and potential applications, others interested in specific technologies have wanted to delve into areas such as batteries or flexible displays, curious to know how graphene can be integrated into these devices. Others were simply drawn in to discover something new.

Throughout these past few days, ICFO Prof. Frank Koppens, curator of the Graphene Pavilion and chair of the Graphene Series of talks, has hosted a number of high profile tours of the pavilion, including the visit of European Commissioner Günther Oettinger. After having an overview of the working prototype demonstrations,Oettinger clearly showed interest in the potential of graphene, eager to learn more about the interactive prototypes and impressed to see several showcases of the large-scale production of graphene. At the end of his tour he stated that he was happy to continue supporting the Graphene Flagship and that he looked forward to returning to the Graphene Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress next year.

Prof. Frank Koppens remarked, “It was a great pleasure to see that several high-level managers and CEOs of companies visited the pavilion and expressed direct interest in specific prototypes to further develop together. One of the striking reactions of a visitor was: ‘this is the most innovative area I have seen at the Mobile World Congress this year’”.

In addition, members of the Government of Catalonia, the Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Josep Rull Andreu, the Minister of Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget Cantons, as well as the General Director of Research, Josep Maria Martorell, also had a chance to visit the pavilion to experience graphene and its applications as well as to learn how graphene may impact the future of the mobile industry.

A strong believer and supporter of the Graphene Pavilion, John Hoffman, GSMA CEO, visited the Graphene Pavilion accompanied by Gerard Piquè, a member of the Futbol Club Barcelona team. They met with Prof. Frank Koppens, ICFO Director Prof. Lluis Torner, and Prof. Kostya Novoselov, Nobel Laureate in Physics for the discovery of graphene, and had a friendly chat about the discovery of graphene, how it is being applied in many different areas such as wearables, energy, and flexible displays, and how it could impact the future of the mobile ecosystem.

All in all, an amazing three days of very exciting and formative experiences. And more is to come today, Thursday at MWC’16, the Graphene day! There’s a series of talks about ‘The Graphene revolution’ chaired by Prof. Koppens. Likewise, the Nobel Prize-winning Professor Kostya Novoselov, who first discovered the wonder material, is taking part in the “Innovation” Keynote conference.