11 Novembre 2021 Laselab-Europe AISBL

ICREA Prof Dr Jens Biegert elected Executive Director of Laserlab-Europe AISBL The General Assembly of Laserlab-Europe AISBL, the international not-for-profit association representing 45 leading laser research infrastructures in 22 European countries, elects ICREA Professor at ICFO Dr Jens Biegert as new Executive Director and appoints new Management Board members.

Laserlab-Europe provides leadership in laser-based and photonics research, and in related technologies, through a wide range of world-leading investigative capabilities, user training, and services. The association defines itself as the home for laser-based research in Europe, formulating and promoting new developments in laser-based research that are pursued in a flexible and coordinated fashion beyond the potential of a national scale.

Jens Biegert is succeeding Claes-Göran Wahlström from the Lund Laser Centre in Sweden, who served as Executive Director since the creation of Laserlab-Europe AISBL in 2018 and who will continue as a member of the Management Board.

“I am honoured to take over the helm of Laserlab-Europe AISBL and I warmly thank Claes-Göran Wahlström for his key role in shaping the Laserlab-Europe community. Our community plays a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges and, thus, it is crucial to give our long-term collaboration continuity. I am excited about the challenges and opportunities lying ahead and look forward to serving the Laserlab Community in this new role.” stated Jens Biegert.

Outgoing Executive Director Claes-Göran remarked: “As Europe is strengthening its efforts in research and development to respond to urgent societal challenges, we need to make sure that the potential of demand- and curiosity-driven laser research is unlocked and developed further. Light, and laser light in particular, provides innovations which will have a tremendous impact on European sustainable development and prosperity. In this respect, I am confident that Jens Biegert will be a crucial asset for our organisation”.

Congratulations Jens on the results of this election!