27 October 2004 ICFO’S Nanophotonic Devices Group in the European Network of Excellence (NoE) on Nanophotonics

The network has the mission to place nanophotonics as a key area in the future scientific and technological landscape of Europe The ICFO’s Nanophotonic Devices Group, led by Prof. Gonçal Badenes, has become part of the Network of Excellence on Nanophotonics, named PHOREMOST (NanoPhotonics to Realise Molecular-Scale Technologies). The NoE PHOREMOST is a European Commission initiative, started on the 1st of October, which has the mission to strengthen scientific and technological excellence in nanophotonics and provide European leadership by networking the expertise.

The network builds on the critical mass existing in Europe in this emerging area, rapidly developing as a result of the progress in nanostructured materials, nanofabrication technologies, nano-scale characterization techniques, novel concepts linking electromagnetic radiation in electronic and optical systems, recent concepts involving optical properties of non-periodic, fractal and quasi-crystals structures, as well as a better understanding of non-linear properties of molecules.

PHOREMOST integrates 35 partners from universities, research centers and industry to achieve diverse objectives: overcome fragmentation, ensure efficient use of resources, identify future R&D opportunities, guarantee the supply of suitably trained personnel, anticipate future research needs, ensure the excellence in research translates into applications in the life sciences, telecomms, environment, infotainment and security, benefit from the untapped expertise in accession and third countries and, contribute to the public understanding of science.