14 April 2014 Top Science at CosmoCaixa

ICFO collaborates with an exhibit on ultra-secure communications which can be found in the museum’s newly inaugurated space CosmoCaixa, Barcelona’s world-class science museum, features a variety of exhibitions, permanent and temporary, that showcase the environment, nature, science, and space. This April, the museum inaugurates a new permanent space called “Top Science”, an initiative designed to present cutting-edge research in Catalonia, with a special focus on students. Within this space, ICFO has collaborated with the museum on the creation of an area dedicated to the future envelopes to send Ultra-secret Information--photons, what else?-- and its implications for society. ICFO shares the space with IrsiCaixa for AIDS Research, who highlight the scientific journey towards a vaccine for the HIV virus.

ICFO\'s exhibit, which is apt for a general audience, includes explanations outlining the history of secrecy and the basics of ultra-secure communication based on quantum physics. These explanations are further illustrated by engaging games and hands-on experiments. The exhibit will also serve as the space for daily workshops for high school students.

Contributions from many ICFOnians, including members of the groups led by Professors Antonio Acín, Maciej Lewenstein, Morgan Mitchell, Juan Pérez-Torres and Valerio Pruneri, as well as members of ICFO’s Mechanical and Electronic Workshops, were brought together by Marta Garcia-Matos in the KTT team.

The ICFO and IrsiCaixa exhibits are the first of a series of exhibits which will occupy this dedicated space, with more exciting “Top Science” to follow in the future from other leading research institutes in Catalonia.