16 April 2015 Pull&Push: a world moved by light


ICFO, Espai Cultura Fundació Sabadell 1859 and artist Andrew Chappel inaugurate an exhibition dedicated to light-matter interactions Today, the Espai Cultura Fundació Sabadell 1859, the artist Andrew Chappel and ICFO inaugurate the exhibition “Pull&Push: a world moved by light”. The exhibition, scheduled to run from April 16 to July 26, 2015, has been created and organized in celebration of the International Year of Light 2015 and especially dedicated to the memory of Dr. Dmitry Petrov (1947-2014), leader of the Optical Tweezers research group at ICFO.

The goal of the exhibition is focused on creating awareness about the power of light and how it affects our everyday lives. It features five different artworks of the artist Andrew Chappel, which represent possible scenarios in our world that are consequences of the interaction of light with matter.

As a complement to the artistic exhibit, ICFO has created special content showing examples of how light-matter interactions are used to develop various applications present in the world around us. Those that visit the exhibition will have the chance to experience \"painting with light\" as well as view and comprehend, through different activities, the properties of light and the basic phenomena that lay behind its physics.