24 February 2006 JOA\'s publisher visits ICFO

Dr. Claire Bedrock and ICFO Director

The Journal of Optics A covers theoretical and experimental aspects of modern and classical optics Dr. Claire Bedrock, Publisher of the Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics visited the Institute last February 24. She visited to learn about the research activities carried out by ICFO’s researchers.

The Journal of Optics A tends to be the official journal of the European Optical Society (EOS) and depends on the Institute of Physics (UK), which is an international learned society and professional body for the advancement and dissemination of physics, pure and applied. The Institute of Physics works through activities to support, progress and present physics research, education and understanding to other scientists, decision-makers. Publishing scientific and popular journals to disseminate scientific knowledge in physics is also part of the IoP mission.