17 March 2006 The Institute welcomes new members

(left to right) Matteo Cristiani, Asier Elejalde, Danny Krautz and Dumitru Mihalache

Josep Márquez

One postdoctoral researcher, two students, one visiting scientist and one technical assistant joined the Institute One postdoctoral researcher, Matteo Cristiani, two students, Asier Elejalde and Danny Krautz, one visiting scientist, Dumitru Mihalache and one technical assistant, Josep Márquez have joined the ICFO.

Matteo Cristiani has joined Prof. Jürgen Eschner’s group as a postdoctoral researcher. He will contribute to the realization of a new experimental apparatus for manipulating ultra-cold atomic samples.

Asier Elejalde has joined Dr. Petrov\'s group as an undergraduate student. He will work on the project on fiber optical tweezers which looks into integrate a fiber optical trap with a Raman spectroscopy system.

Danny Krautz has joined the Nanophotonic Devices group, headed by Gonçal Badenes, as an undergraduate student. During his stay at ICFO, kreutz will work on optical manipulation using lasers and microstructured samples.

Dumitru Mihalache has joined Prof. Lluís Torner’s join as a visiting scientist. He will stay at ICFO during three months, collaborating with the members of the group in the investigation of optical solitons and new types of surface waves.

Josep Márquez has joined the Mechanical Workshop of the institute. He will contribute his experience in the area, building specialized mechanical devices and components.