27 July 2016 Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award for 2015

ICFO researchers receive the award three-times over for collaborations in landmark Bell Tests. The Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award given by the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Austria is a prize for the most significant publication in the foundations of quantum physics, theoretical or experimental, during one calendar year. The aim of the award is to raise awareness for the field of quantum foundations, and to draw attention to new and interesting achievements in this area without delay. Candidate publications have to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Other than that, papers from all areas in the foundations of quantum physics, and by authors of any background, are eligible to receive the award.

In 2015, Albert Einstein‘s famous objection “God does not play dice” was tested with unprecedented rigor by groups at TU Delft, IQOQI Vienna, and NIST (USA). The 2015 Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award goes to the authors of these three landmark Bell test studies, all of which were co-authored by ICFO researchers in the groups led by ICREA Professors Morgan Mitchell and Valerio Pruneri.

Congratulations to all on this prestigious recognition!