22 January 2018 Barcelona: a city of Science

Mr. Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Major of Barcelona Credit: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona’s city hall shares its vision of a major Science and Technology hub. Science and technology are currently advancing at a tremendous speed, having a major impact in our society of today and its future evolution. They are present in everything we do, how we communicate, in our means of transportation, our health and education systems, or even in food engineering, among others.

In a recent editorial written for La Vanguardia, Mr Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Major of Barcelona, ponders on his vision to have Barcelona be a science and technological hub to ride along on the wave of the scientific revolution. He emphasizes that not only does Barcelona have universities ranked amongst the best of the country, but it is also home to different research centers and technological hubs that are considered authentic jewels, ICFO being one of them.

Mr. Pisarello highlights the distinctive potential for Barcelona to become the Southern European Hub for Science. He calls on the city and its inhabitants to actively engage in activities related to scientific advancement in order to make this long term project their own. He sustains that scientific progress and support by the administration will allow the city to not only attract international talent but also retain its own and make Barcelona a city of Science.