23 January 2018 CLP Day at ICFO

CLP Day 2018

CLP Day Group Picture

On Friday 19 January, ICFO hosted the Corporate Liaison Program dedicated this year to Quantum Technologies. Last Friday, January 19, ICFO hosted the Corporate Liaison Program (CLP) Day, an event aimed at bringing together professionals from international platforms, multinational corporations, local business representatives and researchers of other institutions to interact and search for common synergies. The theme of each edition of the CLP Day usually varies and highlight topics of interest and relevance to ICFO’s corporate partners and collaborators.

This year the CLP Day focused on Quantum Technologies. During the whole day, the event provided an ideal environment for to review the latest advances in photonic technologies while focusing on the generation of joint research projects.

During the morning, the audience, in a fully packed auditorium, received a welcome speech from the Director of ICFO, Lluis Torner. Subsequently, Tommaso Calarco, from Quantum Flaghisp Advisory Committee, gave an overview on the advent of the new Quantum Flagship initiative and what is expected to happen in the near future. Afterwards, John Martinis from Google, Walter Riess from IBM Research, and Colin P. Williams from D-Wave gave talks on quantum computing, optimization problem and applications, communications, among other topics. Finally, a round discussion panel integrated by Momtchil Peev from Huawei, Diego R. López from Telefónica, Bettina Heim from OHB, and Carlos Abellan from QuSide, and moderated by Eleni Diamanti from UPMC debated on the current status of Quantum Communications and future prospects.

The day finalized with a networking lunch, allowing professionals from these different sectors to interchange perspectives, insights and possibly, the promise for collaborations in future projects.