21 May 2019 100,000 citations of ICFO publications

According to WoS, ICFO research has been cited over 100,000 times Researchers at ICFO publish highly cited papers in the leading topical journals, with a publication record that is on par with much larger institutions. One of the strongest indicators of ICFO’s consolidated reputation in the scientific community is the definitive upward slope of the graph plotting citation of our papers in the Web of Science (WoS).

ICFO started from scratch in 2002 and citations have grown exponentially with our publications list. By the end of 2018, ICFOnians had authored a total of over 2,600 papers with over 85% in Q1 journals and 40% in D1 journals. In 2018 alone, there were over 16,000 citations for ICFO papers. Today, total citations for ICFO publications surpasses 100,000. Not only are ICFOnians publishing in the most prestigious topical journals, this work is increasingly being recognized by peers around the world.