08 July 2008 ICFO Welcomes Outstanding 2008 Summer Fellows

Caixa Catalunya – ICFO Summer Fellows

This year fourteen students
join the Caixa Catalunya-ICFO Summer Fellows Program.
The second edition of the Caixa Catalunya-ICFO Summer Fellows Research Program has started with the participation of 14 students from Spain and other countries. The Summer Fellowships provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate students and their ICFO group leader mentors to engage in approximately twelve weeks of full-time research.

Barcelona, Malaga, Dublin and Turin are some of the cities where summer fellows come from. The students awarded with the fellowships this year are: Alba Alfonso García, Bogna Bylicka, Marco Casale, Marta Castro López, David Mateo Valderrama, Isabel Rubio Guerrero, Damián San Román Alerigi, Piotr Sleczkowski, Mónica Marro Sánchez, David Mc Closkey, Isabel Merchán Galiano, Luisa del Carmen Frías Pliego, Jade Martínez Llinàs and Pablo Rosado González.

The Summer Research Fellowship Program, promoted by ICFO together with Caixa Catalunya Obra Social, aims at early exposure to science and research, and early support for outstanding undergraduates. While the research activity is in progress, students may also engage in a training program offering professional and personal development opportunities. The Summer Program covers the basics and applications of different ongoing research topics at ICFO. It consists of lectures by group leaders, post-doctoral researchers and distinguished guest speakers in a broad range of areas, guided visits through ICFO labs, and selected team building activities aimed at helping Summer Fellows become part of the ICFO community and enhancing their networking abilities.