21 July 2006 ICFO appoints a Research Industrial Professor

Prof. Valerio Pruneri

Prof. Valerio Pruneri will lead a new research program focused on optoelectronic devices and their applications As a result of an international call for applications, ICFO appointed Dr. Valerio Pruneri recently as Industrial Associate Professor (ICREA). The appointment was officially announced by the Board of Trustees of the institute recently. Dr Pruneri holds an ICREA senior position at ICFO. He is going to launch a program in optoelectronic devices and their applications to sensing and telecommunications.

Dr Pruneri is currently responsible for research activities in Avanex Corporation (Italian branch), an optical telecommunication components company based in Milan, which had been previously part of US Corning Inc. and of Pirelli Cables and Systems S.p.A. (Italy). Prior to this employment he had worked at the Optoelectronics Research centre (ORC) - University of Southampton - as Senior Research Fellow. He served as Technical Liaison Manager of the ORC/Pirelli research contract, which included many projects in the optical telecommunication research area, also with responsibility of technological transfer.

Dr Pruneri’s research experience covers several research areas, including tunable semiconductor laser for DWDM, high bit rate integrated electro-optical modulators, conjugated polymers for optical switching, femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy, electric-field periodic poling of lithium niobate and related devices, poled glass fibers for electrooptic and wavelength conversion, materials and techniques for enhanced photorefractivity in ferroelectrics and photosensitivity in glass fibers, nonlinear switching devices based on high-index glass fibers and nonlinear propagation in holey fibers.

Dr Pruneri’s tenure at ICFO will start on September, 2006.