04 February 2014 Dmitri Petrov (1947 – 2014)

Prof. Dmitri Petrov

ICFO mourns the loss of a great colleague and friend. The entire ICFO community mourns the loss of Dmitri Petrov, leader of the Optical Tweezers group, one of the first group leaders to join the ICFO adventure 12 years ago, esteemed colleague and treasured friend.

When asked about the early days at ICFO, Dima remembered “It was one phone for eight people in the office, ten minutes to go from the office to the lab in the Omega building, three groups in a small lab space- but they were the happiest years of my life, full of illusions and hopes”. He helped to make ICFO what it is today and will be remembered by fellow ICFOnians for all that he brought to ICFO, both as a scientist and a remarkable person.